Thursday, 24 July 2014

Android L Launcher Theme v1.03 Full Apk Free Android Launcher App

Android L Launcher Theme v1.03 Apk

Android L Launcher Theme v1.03 Full Apk Free Android Launcher App

 Ultimate Android-L theme, download the Android release induced by L all the Android launcher back for a brand new theme that is! 

Completely custom designed icon packs, wallpapers, dock bar, folders, add a launcher to your phone or tablet with elements from the latest Android-style let, widgets and much more! 

Features of Android L Launcher Theme v1.03 Full Apk :

  • - Automatically apply your favorite Launcher Theme 
  • - Missing icon automatically send requests
  • - Search icon with Built-in types 

Ultimate Android-L icon pack 
  • - Blacked out icon for further customization including design styles 
  • - Supports dynamic calendar dates automatically on the date the stock calendar will update, Google Calendar, Sunrise Calendar, and the Calendar icons (currently for Nova Launcher Beta) 
  • - Ultra crisp XXX-HDPI resolution available with full 192px, designed in highest resolution All icons 
  • - Multiple icon designs, colors and styles, Android, Lollipop design icons featuring the latest custom design style switch between 
  • - You can e-mail any requests or add app icon in the making of the application, feel free to use 

Built-in wallpaper manager 
  • - Wallpaper cloud-based system saves space on your device but most definitions allows Wallpapers 
  • - Types and settings Muzei Live wallpaper support features 
  • - Behang blink wallpaper app features expanded support for 

  • - Built-in widgets (Zooper Widget Pro for use with - following instructions) to the next level to take your experience 
  • - Material design effects with 6 different search widgets 
  • - Download ROBOTO style clocks with fonts
  • - Custom Design Android, LED clock widget, theme, and your widget will be available in the pack. 
  • - Bonus: this theme to your tastes perfectly allowed to customize the home screen dock bars designed to contain additional dock bar icons! 
  • - More coming soon, thank you for your support! 

Instructions and Directions: 
This (like a skin) is a subject you to Android app using L-section of the application must be applied, or if your launcher settings manually using may apply. 

With full support for this theme almost every launcher supports: Nova, Aviate, SC, (3D Scene mode support) Next 3D, TSF Shell, GO, Solo, Smart, ADW, Action, HOLO, atom , understanding, and most of the others. 

This theme launcher icon packs implementing any permits, supports Unicon (including the new Google Launcher now!) 

If needed, additional support website on the subject of the application instructions or inverted L are listed in the help section of the app. If you need any more help please email me. 

To change Wallpaper: Press Menu> Wallpapers> Ultimate Guide to L. Wallpaper> Select Wallpaper> Apply 

Android, LED analog clock widget to include: 
Press Menu> Widgets> Scroll to Ultimate LED watch> Select your launcher using the resize 

What's New in Android L Launcher Theme v1.03 Android Apk
- Add and update new icon design! 
- Add new icon requests! 
- New wallpaper design! 
- New application icon and update activities

Android L Launcher Theme v1.03 Android Apk Full Download Below

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