Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bearbarians v4.0 Full Apk For Android

Bearbarians v4.0 Full Apk

Bearbarians v4.0 latest Full Version Apk Game For Android

The village has been destroyed, you can rebuild your team and defeat your enemies to become the ultimate warrior? Fighting to 4 different categories, giving orders, and a higher level and open 30 caps 0.30 20 pieces of weapons and armor to change your stats and appearance in this arena 2D game battle! 

* Classes * Scouts: light, but fast; they are armed with a weapon melee and pistol. The first on the scene and destructive in the figures. Brutes: Modular tanks strong; slow but very strong! They practiced melee weapon and fire guns. Medic: vital support units that can heal their team mates (with the attack button) and shoot a gun.


Bearbarians apk game

Bearbarians v4.0 for android

Requirements: Android 2.2 Or Higher

Just Install Apk and Play Game!

Download Bearbarians v4.0 Full Android Apk

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